Yantai port passenger roll off security inspection training center of Shandong Port was completed and put into operation, filling the gap of industry security inspection training

Yantai port passenger roll off security inspection training center of Shandong Port was completed and put into operation, filling the gap of industry security inspection training

The types of goods for roll on / roll off security inspection are complex and difficult

Known as the "golden waterway", the RO ro passenger transportation in Bohai Bay has attracted much attention from all walks of life because of its large traffic volume and safety related to the safety of passengers' lives and property. Compared with other transportation industries, the key and difficulty of rolling passenger security inspection lies in the security inspection of on-board goods.

Compared with the image analysis of personal and passenger luggage security inspection, the difficulties of on-board cargo image analysis are mainly reflected in three aspects:

First, there are more kinds of goods loaded by vehicles, and the packaging shape and material are more complex. There are dozens or even hundreds of goods loaded by a vehicle. Only the packaging may cover various materials such as metal and plastic and various shapes such as barrels, bags and cans. The form of goods can be divided into solid, liquid, gas, powder or particles;

Second, the image of the vehicle security detector is black and white, and the staff can only judge whether there are dangerous goods by the shape and density of the goods in the security image;

Third, at present, dangerous chemicals not only have a wide variety, but also have an amazing replacement speed. Staff need to constantly learn and understand through various ways in order to make accurate judgment.

Continuously innovate the education and training mechanism, and the security inspection ability is leading in the industry

As the earliest unit to use the ro / Ro vehicle security inspection system in China, Yantai port passenger transport company, on the basis of constantly summarizing the security inspection experience, compiled the first set of domestic image analysis teaching material of large vehicle security inspection instrument in 2007, and carried out promotion and training in the province. In the follow-up, special training materials were prepared according to the actual work, typical image collection and long-term mechanism of skill training were implemented, and a large number of top talents in the industry were trained.

In 2020, the company's employees Liu Ziyu, Zhu Bao and Mao Lin won the top three in the national transportation industry "Shandong Port Yantai Port Cup" port passenger transport professional skills competition. Over the years, the security inspection center has successively cultivated honorary winners such as "national technical expert" and "Shandong Fumin Xinglu Medal". The security inspection center has also won honorary titles such as "Shandong water transportation system safety excellent team" and "national transportation industry quality trustworthy team", which fully shows the first-class security inspection ability and team construction level of passenger and RO transportation in Yantai port.

Build an exchange platform for security inspection business and promote the further improvement of security inspection training

Due to the lack of professional laws and regulations and dangerous goods list, security inspection is difficult and is not understood by drivers and cargo owners. The port bears the pressure from all aspects. In order to improve the authority of safety inspection, the company invited the Chemical Registration Center (Qingdao) of the national emergency management department to work in Hong Kong in 2008, and then realized joint work, which greatly improved the efficiency and authority of safety inspection. The passenger transport company regularly invites its engineers to carry out knowledge training on RO transportation of dangerous chemicals to improve the professional theoretical level of security inspectors; At the same time, we will carry out study and exchange at other ports in the industry, learn from each other's useful experience, and make joint efforts to improve the safety inspection level of the industry.

On the basis of completing the integrated operation reform of rolling passenger business, the passenger transport company regards the construction of security inspection and training center as an important part of the integrated security system and a key work project in 2021, makes overall arrangement and reasonable division of labor, transfers capable personnel to hold special meetings for many times, works overtime to formulate and optimize the work plan, which has been revised and carefully crafted for many times, Finally, it successfully completed the construction task and became a new beautiful business card of Yantai port.

After the Yantai port security inspection training center is put into operation, it will be mainly used for the skill training of security inspection personnel in the "three places and four stations" of Yantai port passenger transport in the early stage and the quarterly assessment. In the follow-up, it will gradually expand the scope of training and train professional and excellent security inspection talents for the passenger rolling security inspection enterprises in Bohai Bay and even the whole country by fully relying on the advantages of rich work experience and mature exchange platform, Lay a solid foundation for the safety of rolling passenger transportation.


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