Accurate cross transportation of "three-stage transportation" to ensure normal customs clearance trade at Tianbao port

As a national first-class port, Tianbao port is the main position for Wenshan Prefecture to develop foreign trade. At present, we should not only do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, but also do a good job in foreign trade. How does Malipo County solve the problem of import and export freight management at Tianbao port?

Feng Rui, deputy secretary of the CPC Malipo County Committee and head of Malipo County, gave a detailed answer to the above questions at the fifth press conference of the series of press conferences on "moving towards a new journey and building a new Wenshan" to implement the spirit of the 10th Party Congress of Wenshan Prefecture on October 28 - a special session on overall strengthening border and solid defense and normalized epidemic prevention and control.

Under the current severe epidemic situation, in order to ensure the sustainable and orderly development of foreign trade at Tianbao port, Malipo County adheres to the principle of "controlling people and ensuring smooth flow of goods", adopts the method of "separation of people and goods, segmented transportation and closed-loop management", implements "goods can't pass through people", and adopts the accurate cross transportation management of "three-stage transportation" to ensure the normal customs clearance trade at Tianbao port.

The first paragraph is from abroad to abroad. The Vietnamese driver shall transport the goods to the gate of China and Vietnam, and the Vietnamese driver shall return by himself.

The second section is from the country to the place under customs supervision. After disinfecting the Vietnamese freight vehicles, the designated Chinese driver shall drive the freight vehicles to the place under customs supervision.

The third paragraph is from the place under customs supervision to the designated berthing yard at the port. After disinfecting the Vietnamese freight vehicles and inspecting the goods, the designated Chinese driver shall drive the vehicles to the designated cargo yard at the port.

We strictly supervised cross-border transport drivers and cargo handling workers, implemented unified accommodation, delimited the scope of activities, and regularly carried out nucleic acid testing, which effectively resolved the risk of overseas epidemic import. At the same time, all inbound vehicles and goods must pass through the "four channel" detection gates of channel nuclear radiation detector, national manual disinfection door, spray automatic disinfection door and h986 system, and use high-tech means to detect and disinfect vehicles and goods layer by layer, so as to eliminate the hidden dangers such as contraband carried by inbound vehicles and overseas epidemic import.




Oct 14,2021