At present, the large radiation detection door or patrol inspection instrument and personal dose alarm instrument are used for radiation detection. Although the large radiation detection door has superior performance, it covers a large area and can only be used fixedly, so the use scene is greatly limited. Although the patrol inspection instrument can be carried by the personnel to inspect the environment, it is too large to wear on the body, so it can only be used when radiation risk is found, The personal dose alarm is portable and can be worn on the body, but it can not carry out nuclide identification and neutron detection.

Therefore, in 2019, we developed the first set of wearable radiation detector in China. The radiation detector is close to the size of mobile phone and can be worn on the body. It has the functions of nuclide identification, neutron detection and dose rate alarm. At the same time, it is also an intelligent sensor, which can be connected with mobile phone and other terminals, and is suitable for counter-terrorism, large-scale activities, ports and other fields.




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